Generalized Combat

Combat, it is a part of just about every RPG out there.  Physical, Mental and Social Combat all are parts of different games. Swinging a Sword, a battle of Wills, or being a behind the scenes mover each is different but can take a major role in a game.  Some are Subtle, some come crashingContinue reading “Generalized Combat”

Terrain and Miniatures in TTRPGs

So this being my first ever blog post. I decided to write about an aspect of the hobby that has occupied countless hours of my free time over the three decades since I first began my lifelong journey into other worlds. Of course I’m talking about the little figures (mostly plastic these days) and bitsContinue reading “Terrain and Miniatures in TTRPGs”


Dragons, fierce friend or foe of every player in about any Fantasy Role Playing World.  Dragons are part of the role playing games “Dungeons and Dragons” even has dragons in the name. One of the most famous dragons in Dungeons and Dragons history is Tiamat, the 5 headed dragon goddess in the Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance,Continue reading “Dragons”

Character Concepts

Character concepts are basically cool ideas for characters in a role playing game setting. But what happens when it is too cool, too out there for the game you are playing? Sometimes you need to rein yourself in on the character concept. I mean a time traveling space robot cowboy from the future sent toContinue reading “Character Concepts”