Hidden Gems: (Reviews of the Indie or Obscure); Powered by the Apocalypse system.

Ever since the beginning of the hobby, the role-playing game has, at its heart, always been about co-operative storytelling. About friends sitting around a table, spinning exciting adventures with courageous heroes (or otherwise, protagonists) that they made up themselves. But one issue that needed to be overcome in these games is to avoid the kindContinue reading “Hidden Gems: (Reviews of the Indie or Obscure); Powered by the Apocalypse system.”

Turning cardboard into the Tower of Terror

For this post I figured I would talk about one of my most ambitious terrain projects to date. I call it the Tower of Terror. Taller than a toddler, this beast looms over the gaming table, menacingly leering at my players as I stand beside it describing the ominous sense of dread that permeates theContinue reading “Turning cardboard into the Tower of Terror”

“You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’: Or When RPG’s loose rules you loved”

Role Playing Games grow and change, it’s called source books, new editions, errata and so on.  But what happens when something changes in a game and it loses its feel, its being, its soul, its spirit and essence. Now before I go off ranting about the bad and things I hate.  New editions bring aboutContinue reading ““You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’: Or When RPG’s loose rules you loved””

Breachworld RPG- A Complete Game Setting for the Mini Six RPG System

This is going to be a bit of follow up. In my last post found here, I talked about a great, lite RPG system called Mini Six. It’s a distillation of the old OpenD6/West End Star Wars system. I mentioned that this system came with several mini settings that can be run as a quickContinue reading “Breachworld RPG- A Complete Game Setting for the Mini Six RPG System”

The Difference between Pre-Defined Worlds and “Generic” Ones.

There are several different types of World systems in RPGs.  “Generic” rules systems come with a rules framework but no world, it’s some assembly required or sold separately.  Now you can have a world system in an Rpg and still make a “Homebrew” system (one of your very own worlds) and have a ton ofContinue reading “The Difference between Pre-Defined Worlds and “Generic” Ones.”

Hidden Gems (Reviews of the Indie or Obscure); Hit the Streets: Defend The Block

Hit The Streets is a game about street level superheroes who band together to try to protect and improve their neighborhood. That’s not to say that globe trotting superheroes and even some cosmic level galactic defenders don’t exist within this setting, they do, but YOU AIN’T THEM.

White Wolf: The Storyteller system

In 1991 the world of role playing games changed. The World of Darkness had seen first light.  World of Darkness was a game changer with its world in which Vampires, Werewolves, Mages and more not only shared a collective world but Vied for power over it.  The World of Darkness was a whole new world,Continue reading “White Wolf: The Storyteller system”

Mini Six Bare Bones Edition Review

A lot of gamers, especially those from my generation, were brought up on games with extreme levels of crunch. I cut my teeth on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition, and moved on to games like Rifts and Hackmaster 4th edition. In more recent years, I’ve become drawn to free-form, rules lite games that allowContinue reading “Mini Six Bare Bones Edition Review”

What type of gamer are you?

Role playing games have many different types of rules sets. From Crunchy to Abstract and everything in between.  It depends on the player, game master and group on what to play, I have met players that are up for anything, others don’t like abstract, they want dice rolls and a more defined world to playContinue reading “What type of gamer are you?”