Hidden Gems: (Reviews of the Indie or Obscure); Powered by the Apocalypse system.

Ever since the beginning of the hobby, the role-playing game has, at its heart, always been about co-operative storytelling. About friends sitting around a table, spinning exciting adventures with courageous heroes (or otherwise, protagonists) that they made up themselves. But one issue that needed to be overcome in these games is to avoid the kindContinue reading “Hidden Gems: (Reviews of the Indie or Obscure); Powered by the Apocalypse system.”

Hidden Gems (Reviews of the Indie or Obscure); Hit the Streets: Defend The Block

Hit The Streets is a game about street level superheroes who band together to try to protect and improve their neighborhood. That’s not to say that globe trotting superheroes and even some cosmic level galactic defenders don’t exist within this setting, they do, but YOU AIN’T THEM.