Turning cardboard into the Tower of Terror

For this post I figured I would talk about one of my most ambitious terrain projects to date. I call it the Tower of Terror. Taller than a toddler, this beast looms over the gaming table, menacingly leering at my players as I stand beside it describing the ominous sense of dread that permeates the air around it.

This project came to be because I wanted to one up myself at Herdcon here at Marshall U. The year before I had brought a dungeon on a giant monster’s back and ran an updated and modified version of the third edition D&D adventure Beast of Burden. It was a real hit with players and con attendees and I thought to myself “I can go bigger”. Thus the Tower of Terror was born.

The Beast of Burden in play at Herdcon


The tower is made from cardboard, with xps foam floors and walls made from foam core. Most of the materials were purchased from a dollar store with the exception of the xps and caulk. The first step was to cut the floors. I used an old carpentry method of poking holes in a strip of cardboard to draw the circles, then cut them with a razorknife. I then sanded the edges to smooth them.

Next I built the exterior walls by hot glueing different sized strips of cardboard at an angle from the bottom of each floor piece

I filled the gaps between each large piece with smaller strips to strengthen the walls and give them flexibility.

Next up was a coat of paint. I went with a grey exterior primer I had leftover from another project to seal the cardboard.

Next post I will talk about my decisions on the interior design of the Tower of Terror.

Published by Damien F

40 year old life long tabletop gamer that enjoys the hobby aspects of gaming as much the role playing.

One thought on “Turning cardboard into the Tower of Terror

  1. As one of the players in this game, (That’s my gnome rogue on the front step of the tower), I can say that this thing is a sight to behold.


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