Breachworld RPG- A Complete Game Setting for the Mini Six RPG System

This is going to be a bit of follow up. In my last post found here, I talked about a great, lite RPG system called Mini Six. It’s a distillation of the old OpenD6/West End Star Wars system. I mentioned that this system came with several mini settings that can be run as a quick start game or be fleshed out into a full setting or campaign. If you want to see just how well the Mini Six system can be fleshed out into a full game, you should check out Breachworld RPG. 

Breachworld RPG is a setting created by Jason Richards that makes great use of the Mini Six system. Picture a post-apocalyptic world recovering from multidimensional technology run out of control. Strange alien creatures and advanced technology mingle and war with the remnants of a humanity still struggling to reclaim their world. It’s an interesting, rich setting with plenty of material that can be used to build entertaining adventures. In addition to the main book, there are a variety of character add-ons to expand the already impressive number of options in that category. If you’re a fan of multidimensional settings and adventures similar to those found in my old favourite Rifts, you’ll love this game. If you’re interested in giving it a look, check it out here at DriveThruRPG.  

Published by Mike McDade

A member of the RPG hobby for 30 years, there are few things in this world that compare to sitting around the table with friends sharing an adventure. If I can help spread the joy of the hobby and pass on some of my experience to new gamers, I'll consider my life well spent.

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