Mini Six Bare Bones Edition Review

Mini Six

A lot of gamers, especially those from my generation, were brought up on games with extreme levels of crunch. I cut my teeth on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition, and moved on to games like Rifts and Hackmaster 4th edition. In more recent years, I’ve become drawn to free-form, rules lite games that allow much more freedom of game-play without the rule complexity.

One game that’s really caught my attention recently is Mini Six. For those of you who remember the old West End Star Wars/OpenD6 game system, you’ll feel right at home. While not a full game system, Mini Six contains all the elements necessary to run a lite, but robust tabletop game. In addition to the base rules and some advanced options, the Bare Bones Edition also contains a number of mini settings that are great for a pickup game, or to provide a break for a long-running campaign. For those gaming on a budget, Mini Six is a great choice. The PDF is now available from DriveThruRPG for free. If you’re looking to try something different without a big investment, this may be a game you want to check out.

Published by Mike McDade

A member of the RPG hobby for 30 years, there are few things in this world that compare to sitting around the table with friends sharing an adventure. If I can help spread the joy of the hobby and pass on some of my experience to new gamers, I'll consider my life well spent.

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