Terrain and Miniatures in TTRPGs

So this being my first ever blog post. I decided to write about an aspect of the hobby that has occupied countless hours of my free time over the three decades since I first began my lifelong journey into other worlds. Of course I’m talking about the little figures (mostly plastic these days) and bits of foam and cardboard some of us use to bring our epic battles to life on the table.

A lot of Tabletop players and GM’s prefer to play in the theater of the mind, which definitely has its place. But for me nothing beats the dynamic feeling of a multi-level combat encounter in a fully realised cavern

or the look on my players faces when I unveil a hobgoblin fortress built on the back of a giant reptile.

Fortress on a Kaiju’s back from TriCon at Marshall U

Some people like to purchase premade terrain for their games, others are content to use soda cans and candy boxes or whatever else is near the table. Then there are those of us who like to build our own. My hope for this part of the blog is to introduce the many ways of enhancing your tabletop experience through using terrain and miniatures during combat and physical encounters.

So stay tuned for tutorials on building, tricks I’ve learned over the years painting minis and terrain and a whole lot more. Thanks for reading

Published by Damien F

40 year old life long tabletop gamer that enjoys the hobby aspects of gaming as much the role playing.

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