Character Concepts

Character concepts are basically cool ideas for characters in a role playing game setting. But what happens when it is too cool, too out there for the game you are playing? Sometimes you need to rein yourself in on the character concept. I mean a time traveling space robot cowboy from the future sent to the past to save Princess Floof from the evil dragon in the kingdom of Talshar, may sound cool, but if you are the only robot in the whole setting it may be overpowered, with the guns, robot strength and such. Under powered, I mean what happens when your six guns run out of ammo, there was no such thing as guns until you came around. And finally just not right for a setting you are one of a kind in a world where you don’t fit in at all in a fantasy setting.

You have to remember a role playing game is a cooperative storytelling where you and your friends all take part. Everyone should be in the same book if not on the same page so to say. You should remember this is a game that you and your friends are playing, so don’t get into the mindset of it is my way or the highway and lose out on fun and friendship because you have a great idea and it gets rejected because it doesn’t fit or it is too way out there. Remember the setting, rules, and game itself when thinking up a character concept, the Game Master may have a story in mind but a race or a class is not allowed.  

Now please don’t think I am trying to kill your creativity.  Just saying that if the idea is out there, it may be way too out there, rein yourself in.  It does not mean you have to play the good ole troves, dwarves with scottish accents that hate elves, the edge lord lone ranger or rouge with scars on his soul, the crazy barbarbain that kills everything first because he is too dumb for diplomacy.  Take something and add your own spice to it.  Look at the world setting and ask yourself if the character would fit. Ask yourself if the character fits into a party.  With Halloween coming up, think of a character as a piece of Halloween candy. Lots of good choices and full of variety and you can do it.  But a character that is way out there is like getting toothpaste….some people may like it but it’s Halloween the time of candy.

Bryan Stewart

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